Are we there yet?

No, Donkey. Well, sort of. Finally, something that somehow looks like wpMovieLibrary³ is here. The official GitHub repository has been updated, you can download the latest version over there. Does this mean we’re done? Well, no. The version of the plugin you’re about to install should really be considered as a Beta. I would’ve loved… Read more »

I Am The Grid Builder

Few weeks ago I mentioned some breaking changes with Shortcodes. Well, that’s it, all Shortcodes have been ported, and some will break. Let’s see why. First I got rid of the basic `[movie]` shortcode, something that’s been around since version 1.0; this shortcode is now a simple alias for the new `[movie_headbox]` shortcode, which by… Read more »

I Was Made For Lovin’ You

One of the first concepts your learn as a developer goes by the lovely name of Kiss: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Sadly I have to admit that the major weaknesses of WPMovieLibrary so far are caused by me ignoring that very simple concept. Apart from bad coding practices coming from three-years-old pieces of code, I… Read more »

WPMovieLibrary 3.0 Alpha 1

Finally, here it is! The very first alpha release for version 3.0. What a day. As previously announced it comes from a long way, a complete rewrite of the plugin. Better code base, better concepts, better UI. A lot’s been done, and still a lot is to be done! This first alpha only concerns the… Read more »

Of History and Taxonomies

The last couple of weeks got me pretty busy handling some side projects, back to real business now. Lets start with good news: we’re coming close to the release of version 3.0-alpha-1 now, expect it by the end of the week! I’ll make a proper announcement later, meanwhile here are a couple of things I… Read more »

The thin line between library and database

I mentioned a few situations in the previous entry when the plugin is used, but shouldn’t. There are situations when WPMovieLibrary is not the best tool you can find for what you want to do; it has limitations and weaknesses that could do you more harm than help. Let’s explain this a bit. TL;DR You’re… Read more »

Actors, Series, Trailers and why you can’t use them (yet)

A few months after the first release of WPMovieLibrary came the first requests for big features like actor pages and filmography, Trailers and TVshow support, lending process, advanced user ratings, scheduled auto-import… To this day none of these features has made it to the core, a couple of them barely existing as experimental extensions. Here’s… Read more »

An early point on version 3.0 features

Following on the old idea of a development blog, let’s talk a bit of what you should and should not expect to find in WPMovieLibrary 3.0. Better import features That’s definitely the main objective of version 3.0, apart from a more powerful code base: better import features. The current importer will completely disappear to make… Read more »

To infinity, and beyond!

2015’s been a mess. No news, no updates, what a shame. So I made a decision: I’m dropping pending versions 2.1.5 and 2.2 and moving straight to version 3.0 with a complete rewrite of the plugin. We’re done losing time, let’s get some really cool things done now.

Two steps forward, one step back…

… Sort of. We’re now really close to the release of version 2.1.4, which has taken way, way too much time, sorry about that. There’s just too much work going on. And we’re stepping back because, although it would have been really nice, it was something fairly requested, version 2.1.4 will not include any real… Read more »