WPMovieLibrary 3.0 Alpha 1

Finally, here it is! The very first alpha release for version 3.0. What a day. As previously announced it comes from a long way, a complete rewrite of the plugin. Better code base, better concepts, better UI. A lot’s been done, and still a lot is to be done!

This first alpha only concerns the movie editor, ie. the standard you use to create and edit movies. What’s been done on that part will deeply effect the way the multiple movie importer, scheduled for Alpha3, will be developed. In other words: whatever tests you may do now will improve whatever Alpha3 will ultimately become, so feel free to do some extensive testing!


At this point? None. We’re talking about rewriting the plugin, not (yet) adding new features, although you may consider that being able to import multiple posters and set custom images as backdrops or posters is kind of a new feature.


This is an alpha! Do not ever use it on production. It is nowhere near to be stable and even less secure; use it on local servers only.

Make sure to use recent PHP and WordPress versions, too. Version 3.0 will not support PHP 5.2 and will probably require something as recent as WordPress 4.4, maybe event 4.5. I know that’s harsh, but I think it’s for the best. We’ll talk more about this later.

Test and report

You’re welcome to report any bug you experience on GitHub. Do not report missing features at this point, especially if they concern things that are not in the current alpha. If you see a key-feature missing from the movie editor, of course you have to report it; but don’t open tickets because you don’t see your movies on the front-end: they couldn’t possibly show since that part hasn’t been developed yet.


Now that alpha1 is released I’ll take a week out to let people play with it and start pulling up bugs and work on fixing them; then I’ll move on to alpha2, which will handle everything related to the public part of the plugin. Templates, Shortcodes, etc. It shouldn’t affect much the work done on alpha1. Alpha3 should be the last part and will concern the multiple movie importer, based on feedback from the movie editor. Sounds good to me, doesn’t it?


A new ‘3.0-dev’ branch has been created on GitHub, where you can get a fresh archive of the latest version:

Download version 3.0-alpha1


  • Salut,

    Je viens de tester et ça semble vraiment bien.

    Chez moi l’import automatique ou la sélection des images/affiches ne fonctionne pas.

    La boite de recherche ne reprend plus le nom du post, il faut donc le retaper.

    Et l’aperçu ne donne rien.

    Je peux faire des tickets plus précis si besoin.

    Merci !

  • Hi, the script is very cool finding all movies infos, but the rending on the page sorry but not very beautifull. i though it will show as the same as the admin Preview. it’s this way that it should show i think.

    1. Page rending has never been a key feature, more like a bonus; in the end it’s just a matter of tastes and colours 🙂 The plugin gives room to make your own visual for your movies, pixel-perfect pages should come from your own theme, something a plugin can’t substitue for.

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