An early point on version 3.0 features

Following on the old idea of a development blog, let’s talk a bit of what you should and should not expect to find in WPMovieLibrary 3.0.

Better import features

That’s definitely the main objective of version 3.0, apart from a more powerful code base: better import features. The current importer will completely disappear to make room for a way more useful dashboard, like version 2.2 intended to provide. Among the planned features are the long-requested IMDb ID search, multiple posters import, one-click update, one-click metadata editing, custom posters/backdrops importing… The rewritten code will allow some very cool actions.

Better metadata management

The movie editor will be more useful than it already is. Although the major part of the work will not be visible and only concerns the way data are handled and used by the browser, it will offer some nice features like autosaving for meta and details or the possibility to edit images and posters data right from the metabox.



Developers’ business: more hooks

Along with real PHP object coding version 3.0 will implement a whole new set of hooks to build additional plugins and themes. More logically named and placed this will make extending WPMovieLibrary much easier!

Not so much to add right now; development has slowed in the past week due to the festivities and is starting back with the aforementioned metabox image editor. This one was not really premeditated and delayed the background development a bit, but I’m pretty happy with the result and I think it will come really useful when editing movies to be able to edit images too without having to open new tabs in the browser. Once the background dev is done the API and search features will be the next step, and here too there will be some really really cool stuff to show, so…

To be continued!


  • any idea on a timetable for release on that 3.0,can i obtain a copy of that for beta testing.Also,i would be great to have as a possible plugin for this-a actual movie lender,that can allow users to request movies from one another for swapping or bartering purposes-like a barter/loaning library.

    1. I’d rather not give any date as history proved I’m often unable to keep deadlines on that project 🙁 I’m not completely fixed on the development schedule for version 3.0, still pondering whether I should focus on the frontend or importer once I’m done with the post editor; both are big parts… I’ll blog about it when I’m decided on that question 🙂

      As for movie lending, that’s a long-planned feature; I’m not sure there will be room for it in version 3.0, but it will definitely be in a 3.x release!

  • Bonjour Charlie,
    Merci pour ces nouvelles, au plaisir de suivre la nouvelle version.
    Bonne continuation.

  • First i love already you’re current plugin. Is it possible or already planned to add the possibility to add tv series?

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