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Few weeks ago I mentioned some breaking changes with Shortcodes. Well, that’s it, all Shortcodes have been ported, and some will break. Let’s see why.

First I got rid of the basic `[movie]` shortcode, something that’s been around since version 1.0; this shortcode is now a simple alias for the new `[movie_headbox]` shortcode, which by the way features a new template. Following that logic, the `[movies]` shortcode is gone, now a simple alias for an extended version of the `[movie_grid]` shortcode. That shortcode now accept a single parameter, `id`, to make the connection with the real cool thing: the grid builder. Instead of generating grids with Shortcodes, you can create new ones just like some plugins allow you to create sliders or galleries. More customization, more features, more fun!

The new Headbox 3.0 template

The new Headbox 3.0 template

Grids now have modes, which in turns have themes; this means two movie grids can look different if you chose different modes and themes. Modes and themes will be extendable by developers so you can have more grid modes and themes than those provided by default by the plugin. And, and I left this one for the end: grids will have types. The default one is ‘movie’, but it could very well support other content in the futur like, say, genres, collections… Or actors. And of course, each grid type will have its own modes and themes.

I took some time to build this unscheduled features, postponing the next step – porting Widgets – because it offers so much possibilities and solves so meany problems that, once I got this idea on my mind, I just couldn’t do anything else but building it. And I think it looks pretty good so far!

Building grid has never been easier

Building grid has never been easier

Oh, and I forgot to mention: the grid builder will include preview and a set of presets to avoid having to configure grids content by yourself.

So yes, as someone pointed out lately, version 3.0 is taking a lot of time to come out. Much more than I’d want it to. But it’s going to be so. Much. Fun. It already is working on it, can’t imagine using it for real 😎


    1. Aucune idée, bien sûr, sinon ce serait trop facile 😉

      Cela dit, tu peux tester la branche 3.0-dev sur GitHub. Développement actif donc aucune garantie sur le bon fonctionnement, mais c’est cette branche qui contient ces modifs. Je suis couramment en train de mettre en place les pages d’archives, qui disparaissent du panneau de réglages. Il suffira désormais de créer/modifier une simple page WordPress et de choisir de l’utiliser comme page d’archive ; une metabox apparaîtra après enregistrement pour choisir quelle grille utiliser :

    1. Not even close! Still a lot going on on the development of version 3.0: Shortcodes have been ported, Widgets are in the process of reintegrating the core, grids now support multiple data types (grid of movies, actors, genres, collections), modes (grid of images, simple text list, archive templates…) and themes, taxonomies have better custom archive pages that can also be used to show single terms archives, etc. Some really fun stuff, I have to say 🙂

  • Thanks for the great plugin! I was wondering if there is any ETA for the release of v3?

    Also, do you plan on posting the v3 source code on github, or will it be closed source? Is the v3 code already available somewhere to play around with?

    Anyway, thanks again, and good luck with the development!

  • Hey man! How’s version 3 coming along? I would LOVE the grid feature to go live in time for a celebrity client’s website that I’m currently building!

  • Bonjour Charlie,

    J’ai une petite question : WP Movie Library propose t-il un flux RSS qui permet d’afficher les dernières modifications de l’ensemble des fiches? J’aimerais afficher sur mon site principal un widget qui dira à mes lecteurs : Cars 3, nouvelle vidéo, Moi, moche et méchant 3, changement de date de sortie, etc.

    C’est une question un peu naïve, je ne sais pas du tout la complexité de mettre un tel flux en place. Mais il serait bien utile et pertinent je trouve 🙂 En tout cas merci pour ton excellent travail et vivement la 3.0 !

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