On the road to v2.2: All your movie are belong to us

In the previous blog entry we talked about an evolution of the quick-edit process for movies. It’s been a few weeks since then, and it has taken a form that I’m quite pride to share with you now. I’ve always liked movie-library-type designs, with neat grid of poster and smooth info. Victor Erixon’s “Movie Service… Read more »

Improving the Grid

Continuing the development’s live blogging, today let’s talk about the Grid. Introduced months ago, the Movie Grid was an old, recuring demand from a lot of users and I still got a lot of request to add features and functionalities to it; version 2.1.4 will therefore include an update Grid with new options and possibilities…. Read more »

Talking about money (and why we’re free)

Being a developer and WordPress user for years I never paid much attention to the market of WP plugins and themes; I always found free themes that met my needs and in last resort I could build one myself; same goes with plugins. When I started working on WPMovieLibrary the money was never a concern:… Read more »

On the road to v2.2: interactions and beauty

Well, it’s been a while. And truth is, it’s been a hard time. Lets be honest and put words on what happened in the last months of 2014: we messed up. And lost a lot of time. There are a couple of awesome things we want to build on WPMovieLibrary, and these things take time… Read more »

On the road to v2.0: icons and metaboxes

It came to us that a little development blog could be a nice idea to let you know what we’re doing and what we’ve been up to. Here’s a first blog post on the road to WPMovieLibrary 2.0! Since the decision was made to drop v1.x and start working directly on v2, we’ve been putting… Read more »

Version 1.x dropped, long live v2.0!

Big change in development have been made yesterday. First due for September 15 and postponed to Sept. 25, version 1.3 was officially dropped yesterday, along with the next version (1.4). There’s a good reason to this: 1.3 was supposed to implement a new metadata format, allowing for more advanced settings like meta filtering of movies… Read more »