Update version

  • Fix URL escaping bug causing the movie grid letter URL malformation
  • Fix Empty date bug in importer resulting in movies being dated from January 1st, 1970
  • Dev Term ordering updated to match the modifications brought by WordPress 4.4

Download from GitHub or Download from WordPress.org


    1. Don’t worry, alive and well! I’m proving terrible at keeping the dev blog up to date, but I’m still working on the plugin. There will be an update version in the second half of August to match WordPress 4.6 release, meanwhile I’m putting a lot of work on version 3.0; I made some important decisions on the way the new version will handle grids and movies lists, it’s going to be real fun!

    1. Pro Tip: you can override the default IMDb template to match your need. Create a new wpmovielibrary/movies/ folder in your theme’s directory, copy the plugin’s views/movies/movie-imdb-headbox.php file into it, and modify it to your liking!

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