WPMovieLibrary 1.1

Version 1.1 up and running! Some nice features are here now, the most important one being Shortcodes. So what’s been done?


WPMovieLibrary now supports more than 15 shortcodes to make usage of movies data and media; you can fetch pretty much anything related to a movie using its Post ID or title: poster, images, metadata, crew… See full list in the (updated) doc: about shortcodes.

Date and runtime format

You can now specify a custom time and date format to be applied on release dates and runtimes.


Taxonomies archive pages have been updated to use taxonomies, avoiding endless pages with actors in particular.


On a related point, Actors and Collections now show a limited number of terms (the 50 most important ones). You can turn this off in the Widget configuration form.

  • Feat Implements shortcodes − see https://wpmovielibrary.com/documentation/shortcodes/

    • Feat Create 8 new shortcodes
    • Feat Create 16+ aliases for specific shortcodes
  • Feat New default poster
  • Tweak Better display of directors, actors and genres in fronted, metadata are now matched against existing taxonomies to provide relevant links
  • Tweak Custom archive pages pagination
  • Tweak Custom archive pages specific titles
  • Tweak Show a dash instead of empty metadata in frontend
  • Tweak Add default runtime and release date/time formats
  • Tweak Limited number of items in Collections and Actors Widgets to lighten loading time
  • Tweak Updated default poster
  • Dev Better use of filters to display movie metadata and details and handle shortcodes and metadata aliases
  • Dev Cleaner Widgets views
  • Fix JavaScript bug in the movie editor preventing from manually setting a featured image after metadata import
  • Fix missing links on directors when a movie has two or more directors
  • Fix frontend PHP Warning when movie runtime is empty
  • Fix JavaScript bug when setting collections in movie editor
  • Fix Warnings on plugin activation when updating settings

Download from GitHub or Download from WordPress.org

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