WPMovieLibrary 1.1 Beta 2

Took more time than expected, but the second beta for version 1.1 made its way out. Some interesting stuff coming:

  • Feat Implements shortcodes
    • Feat Create 8 new shortcodes
    • Feat Create 16+ aliases for specific shortcodes
  • Tweak Metadata are now matched against existing taxonomies to provide relevant links in frontend
  • Tweak Custom archive pages now support pagination
  • Tweak Custom archive pages have specific page title instead of the simple “Movies”
  • Dev Better use of filters to display movie metadata/details/shortcodes/aliases
  • Fix JS bug in movie editor preventing from manually setting a featured image
  • Fix Missing links on directors when a movie has two or more directors
  • Fix Frontend PHP Warning when movie runtime is empty

We’ve also updated the documentation − see the new doc about Shortcodes.

Download from GitHub

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