WPMovieLibrary 2.1 Release Candidate

Nearly a month after version 2.0, the first release candidate for WordPress Movie Library 2.1 is available on GitHub.

Download from GitHub

Quite a deception on our side, but this version will not included the long waited JavaScript part rewriting; that will be our first priority for version 2.2, early 2015. We had planned to implement the Similar Movies feature, too, but we’ve reconsidered that as we don’t it to be yet another stupid similar gadget, simply listing random movies from the same director or actors. We want it to be smart and effective, so will take some time in v2.2 to build something great and truly useful.

But fear not, there are still a few interesting things to discover in version 2.1! See for yourself:

  • Metadata are now saved once they’re collected, no need to publish/save the movie anymore.
  • Not rated movies now show a notice instead of empty stars, confusable with a 0 rating.
  • New metadata: local release date, which may differ from the original release date depending on your country.
  • The [movies] Shortcode now supports pagination.
  • The Movies Widget can now exclude the current movie from results in single view.
  • Customizable Movie Headbox: you can now select which data should appear in the Headbox, and where. You can also manage and order the Headbox Tabs.
  • Custom Archives Pages : you can now add your own, custom pages to be used as archive pages to list movies and taxonomies’ terms.
  • Meta Query: you can now list movies from a specific metadata, or range of metadata, like all movies rated from 3.5 to 4.5, all movies released between 2000 and 2010…

And much more in tweaks and bug fixes. Expect the final release for the end of the week!

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