WPMovieLibrary 2.0

Finally! Version 2.0 made it to public release. Not much to add from what has been said about the release candidate apart some more bug fixes and the temporary deactivation of taxonomies archives. That feature will be back in version 2.1 with the possibility to use your own, custom pages as taxonomies and movies archive pages for better customization.

Reminder from the release candidate, please make backups before updating:

Make backups before updating!
We’ve been saying this a lot lately, but it’s crucial that you test this new version before going live, and make backups of your database and files. Version 2.0 brings important changes that you want to test before anything.

And if you’ve forgotten what’s new in v2:

  • Complete reboot of the Settings Panel
  • Movies available in search results
  • Coutry names and languages translated
  • Flags for production countries
  • Metadata sorting and querying
  • Movies Grid view
  • Dedicated icon font
  • Updated Admin Bar menu and metabox in editor
  • List movies by metadata in Movies Widget
  • New Language, Subtitles and Video Format details
  • New Certification, Adult, Budget, Revenue, Tagline and Homepage metadata

Download from GitHub or Download from WordPress.org

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