WPMovieLibrary 1.2 Beta 1

Big updates with this first beta for version 1.2!

  • Feat Implements caching
  • Feat Implements templates
  • Feat Complete Widgets reboot
  • Tweak Runtime and Release date Shortcodes format support
  • Tweak Movie lang Shortcode alias
  • Tweak Updated default dashboard Movies Widget when no movies
  • Tweak No load more button if no movie in dashboard Movies Widget
  • Tweak Custom Dashboard movies poster size update
  • Tweak Import queue styling (progress bar) and i10n
  • Dev Handle API 500 error
  • Dev i10n handling enhanced
  • Fix Don’t import unchecked movies in importer
  • Fix Minor nonce error in detail metabox
  • Fix Taxonomies not removed when emptying metadata
  • Fix Erratic enqueue_admin_scripts/styles
  • Fix Widgets checkbox options update
  • Fix Taxonomies Widget minor style bug

Download from GitHub

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