WPMovieLibrary 2.0 Release Candidate

It’s (almost) alive! The first release candidate for WordPress Movie Library 2.0 is available on GitHub. Download from GitHub This RC1 implements pretty much everything planned for version 2.0, even though some features will be simpler than what we originally intended them to be. Version 2.0 brings a lot of changes in terms of internal… Read more »

2K downloads thou shall have

While we’re getting closer and closer on version 2.0, a kinda symbolic milestone has been passed today: WPMovieLibrary has reached and crossed the 2,000 downloads! When we started working on this plugin some 14 months ago we would never have imagined we’d reach such statistics in barely four months… We’re all very proud of what’s… Read more »

On the road to v2.0: icons and metaboxes

It came to us that a little development blog could be a nice idea to let you know what we’re doing and what we’ve been up to. Here’s a first blog post on the road to WPMovieLibrary 2.0! Since the decision was made to drop v1.x and start working directly on v2, we’ve been putting… Read more »

Version 1.x dropped, long live v2.0!

Big change in development have been made yesterday. First due for September 15 and postponed to Sept. 25, version 1.3 was officially dropped yesterday, along with the next version (1.4). There’s a good reason to this: 1.3 was supposed to implement a new metadata format, allowing for more advanced settings like meta filtering of movies… Read more »

Update version 1.2.2

Small update version, fixing a couple of bugs and assuring support for the upcoming WordPress 4.0 version. Changelog Tweak Media Modals CSS fixes for WordPress 4.0 Dev Manually add ‘movies’ permalink structure as it seem to conflict with some themes/plugins Fix Genres and Actors Shortcodes missing labels Fix Cache cleaning updated for WordPress 4.0 (like_escape… Read more »

Update version 1.2.1

Just a few days after the version 1.2, here is the first major update version. Major because it fixes some nasty bugs including PHP 5.3 support, JavaScript bug in media modals and a major caching issue on Shortcodes and Widgets. Not an update to miss, really. Changelog Tweak Added color effects on status box Tweak… Read more »

WPMovieLibrary 1.2

Five days behind schedule, version 1.2 is out! What’s new? Templates That’s the major feature of this version: templates. You can now alter and override the way WPMovieLibrary displays things via plugins and themes by providing your own templates. That’s a really cool feature, as it will allow you to extend and customize your plugin… Read more »

WPMovieLibrary 1.2 Beta 2

Second beta release for version 1.2! Tweak AJAX Queue for movie images import Dev Metaboxes now defined in config to allow filtering Dev API and Shortcodes more extendable Dev Images and Posters Shortcodes more extendable Fix Images/Posters modal bug causing random empty modals Fix Custom Dashboard multiple minor fixes Download from GitHub

WPMovieLibrary 1.2 Beta 1

Big updates with this first beta for version 1.2! Feat Implements caching Feat Implements templates Feat Complete Widgets reboot Tweak Runtime and Release date Shortcodes format support Tweak Movie lang Shortcode alias Tweak Updated default dashboard Movies Widget when no movies Tweak No load more button if no movie in dashboard Movies Widget Tweak Custom… Read more »

Update version 1.1.2

One bug fix, one tweak: Tweak Movie Images shortcodes basic styling Fix PHP Warnings with shortcodes when no attribute is passed Download from GitHub or Download from WordPress.org