On the road to v2.2: All your movie are belong to us

In the previous blog entry we talked about an evolution of the quick-edit process for movies. It’s been a few weeks since then, and it has taken a form that I’m quite pride to share with you now.

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: updated "All Movies" page design

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: updated “All Movies” page design

I’ve always liked movie-library-type designs, with neat grid of poster and smooth info. Victor Erixon’s “Movie Service UI” is a great example and has been a major inspiration for that part of WPMovieLibrary 2.2: a complete redesign of the “All Movies” WordPress Dashboard’s page. The basic, WordPress table list view was never adapted to movies, though I tried to make it more usable by including additional columns like Poster, Rating, Status… To it. The Plugin’s Dashboard view was a first attempt at providing a better way to display movies in the admin, but was too limited to be really of any use apart from glitter.

The WordPress Media Library, in the other hand, was a nice idea of a way to present contents differently, and that’s actually what I used the most to build the new grid you can see above. The important thing about this major change is that it uses Backbone.js, just like the Media process in WordPress, meaning a lot of possibilities to manipulate stuff. The new “All Movies” grid uses an infinite scroll for instance, just like the Media Library, and provide the quick-edit Modal Window you discovered in the previous blog entry. What’s new is that I added a preview mode to that Modal, something I kinda like.

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: updated "All Movies" Modal Edit Mode

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: updated “All Movies” Modal Edit Mode

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: updated "All Movies" Modal Preview Mode

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: updated “All Movies” Modal Preview Mode

And, last but not least, the biggest change is that the previous versions’ “Import Movies” Page will be removed as such and completely merged with the “All Movies” Page. Why is that? Because then it will become possible to import movies and edit them immediately, way quicker than what you had to go through before (Search for the movie, import it, wait, go the “All Movies” Page, find your movie, click “Edit”, wait, edit, save…). The new Edit Modal has an autosaving feature, each newly imported movie will be added immediately to the collection and available for modification. Search for your movie, import it, switch to the grid view, click on the Edit button, edit, done. How does that sound?

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: the Importer is now part of the "All Movies" Page for more effectiveness

WPMovieLibrary 2.2: the Importer is now part of the “All Movies” Page for more effectiveness


  • Great!!! I can’t wait. Would be cool to tag a movie while creating a post (much like adding a tag). Then any posts tagged to a movie would show up on that movie page.

  • when are we going to be to play with this so called 2.2 version,its been close to 9 months since last update-you guys should consider a joomla componate as well some day

  • Hi, I’m also wondering when 2.2 will be released cause I’d love to have a grid layout of all my movies for my family and friends to scroll through. Thanks!

    1. As explained in the last blog entries, versions 2.1.5 an 2.2 have been dropped to speed things up and jump directly to version 3.0 which is a complete rewrite of the entire plugin.

      No release date set, but it’s being actively developed; an alpha should be released soon enough. Take a look at the latest posts on the blog to see how it’s going and what you’ll find in version 3.0 🙂

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