200 downloads celebration!

Just passed the 200 downloads mark on WordPress.org! That ought to be celebrated, so we’re officially launching this brand new support site! The download page has been updated to the new graphics on the way.

Development has been going on a bit slowly for the past couple of weeks due to an overload of last-minute contracts, but we’re planning a release of WPML 1.1 before the end of the week! This release will include a few bug fixes along with an important − and long planned − improvement: Shortcodes! Can’t wait.

We’re also planning to complete this site; we’re currently missing all the technical docs like Functions references, filters and action details, shortcodes… We’ll take a few days to work on this when v1.1 is out. Something we’d really love to is a live demo of the plugin, we’re putting some serious thinking into making this available soon… Stay tuned!

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